Business insight Our strategy

Our vision is underpinned by four strategic pillars that support our ambition and focus our investment. Those pillars support us in our pursuit of operational excellence, as we seek to achieve a leading position in our selected markets.

Our four main areas of focus to achieve our long-term plans are:

  • Customers

    We understand and anticipate the needs of our customers and align our products, services and solutions to meet those needs to create a unique brand experience.

    2016/17 we will:

    > Increase our focus on the enterprise market;

    > make network investment decisions that improve customer experience in our Hull and East Yorkshire market; and

    > establish a benchmark for customer satisfaction in line with our brand against which we measure our performance.

  • People

    We develop, sustain and enable all of our people to demonstrate and apply their capabilities, providing opportunities for everyone to reach their full potential.

    2016/17 we will:

    > align and reward, recognition and performance management frameworks with the achievement of our strategic goals and the delivery of our brand promise

    > create and begin to implement talent development strategy; and

    > develop clear career paths underpinned by a defined set of roles and competencies.

  • Partners

    We harness the skills and capabilities of our partners to support us.

    2016/17 we will:

    > seek to expand our eco-system of technology partners that improve our speed to market and extend the reach of our propositions or increase the depth of our capability within the enterprise market;

    > seek to identify and secure acquisition opportunities in line with our strategy within the enterprise market; and

    > continue to support our customers on their digital transformation journeys by creating disruptive solutions with agile methodologies and a responsive eco-system of partners.

  • Processes and systems

    Our customer service excellence is underpinned by our processes and systems.

    2016/17 we will:

    > consolidate existing HR systems and applications within a single platform that allows us to deploy our resources more flexibly to support customer requirements; and

    > invest in technology to improve the customer experience at each touchpoint of their journey from order to delivery