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We are committed to taking an active and responsible role in our local communities: helping to build trust, addressing social needs and giving support where we can. We sponsor, partner and encourage our people to get involved in their local communities.

What follows are just a small selection of the community groups we support:

The Prince's Trust

In May 2012 we became patrons of The Princes Trust, pledging our support over the next four years to help support their xl programmes. Alongside funding, we are building nationwide opportunities for teams and individuals from across our Group to get involved in regional xl clubs.

The xl clubs, which are based on school sites, are aimed at children between 13-19 who are at risk of underachieving in exams or at risk of expulsion from school/college. That can be for a whole variety of reasons including domestic problems, getting involved in alcohol or substance abuse, or as a result of the pressure of being a carer for a parent or sibling. Whatever the reason, the xl club looks to set them back on track by giving them with the chance to learn new skills and develop their confidence while making learning accessible, useful and interesting

Hull Children’s University

We sponsor the Hull Children’s University providing learning experiences for young people, supporting schools in their delivery of the national curriculum and the government’s aim as outlined in ‘Every Child Matters’.

Visit the Hull Children's University website here (opens in new window)


Volunteering policy

We recognise that our people are committed to charitable activities and we are developing a formal volunteering policy to acknowledge and support this.

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