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We think KCOM is a great place to work , but don't take our word for it. Read what some of our employees have to say about what working here is like.

"I joined the business in 2003 as a Modern Apprentice. It’s a friendly and fun place to work and my job is extremely varied with great opportunities to travel around the business and meet different people. The business has always encouraged me to progress and has supported me in all aspects of training to develop my knowledge within my role.”

Mark Blenkinsop
Mark Blenkinsop Regional Facilities Manager

"Why do I love to work for KCOM? It’s actually an easy and simple answer: the people.  I love the fact that it’s not a company that is interested in simply selling “stuff”, but it’s a company filled with a relatively small group of people interested in using technology to make a difference.   Since my time at the company I can honestly say I’ve never had that Monday morning feeling.  It’s a place where you can always pick up the phone (sometimes at stupid times of the night) and still find people who are more than willing to help you out."

Stu Smith
Stu Smith Propositions Architect

I've worked for the business for 16 years. During my time here I've enjoyed several roles and I’m a great example of how the company develops and provides opportunities for its people. Over the years I've grown and developed so much as a person. My knowledge of the business, the range of skills I've gained and the experience I've acquired in so many areas is thanks to the support and encouragement I've received. I believe anything is possible if you work here but  you have to want it too.

The best thing about my job really is the people. They make it fun and challenging and it’s very rewarding achieving success together. I’m part of the Customer Experience Team which means I help bring the voice of the customer into the business. It’s great to feel that I work for a business that truly cares about its people and its customers to make sure we do the right things.


Katie Cobb
Katie Cobb Customer Experience Manager

"The people I work with are fantastic, and there’s a sense that every door is open;  not just in terms of access to people, but in terms of career path. KCOM actively encourages individuals to find their niche, whether that’s in your current department or elsewhere, which is something I’ve experienced nowhere else. The business wants you to excel, and rewards good work with great feedback – something many organisations forget to do!

What I love about coming to work every day is the diversity of projects I’m involved in, as well as a strong sense of feeling valued by the organisation; I feel as though my work is contributing to something."

Anthony Cross
Anthony Cross Operations Insight Manager

I've worked for the company for more than 20 years and still love the buzz and challenge that daily life brings. We have a great team of people, a good mix of people like myself (who have been around for a while) as well as some fresh faces – it’s a great mix of experience and new ideas.

When we all pull together, we are a fantastic team. One of the cultural benefits of working for KCOM is that work is an activity, not a location – enabling me to be flexible and get the job done from wherever we may physically be working."

Neil Bowes
Neil Bowes Head of Sales Support Desk

‘I’m almost four years in to my career at KCOM and from day one it’s been exciting, varied and challenging! I started in the business in a role that focused on creating the marketing for our Partner channel and supporting them with tailored marketing requirements. Having totally embraced this segment of our business and having learnt more about technology than I ever thought possible, I moved into a campaigns role delivering demand creation activities into both our direct and indirect customers. About 18 months ago I moved into my current role of Marketing Campaigns Manager and the opportunity here for progression has certainly kept me engaged. But I think the main attraction for me is the culture; wherever possible, we inject fun into what we do, because at the end of the day - our personality is unique, just like all of our customers.’

Sarah Bailey
Sarah Bailey Marketing Campaigns Manager

I’ve been with KCOM for nearly ten years now, and I certainly didn’t expect to have built such an exciting career back when I started in 2006. It just started out as a job related to my general IT interests, and has since developed into a career focused around one of the most exciting and innovative industries in the world. I started as a front desk Technical Support Advisor, and progressed into the role of Senior Technical Support Analyst focusing on supporting our largest customers. I then got the opportunity to move into a more industry-focused role, as a proposition analyst which led to my current role of Cloud Proposition and Product Manager with added focus on Microsoft Partnership Management. The support and development opportunities within the business are like none I have ever seen. If there is one thing that’s always stood out to me about what makes KCOM amazing, it’s the culture of the people who work here. I am surrounded by some of the most passionate, fun, and hardworking people I have ever known.

Tom Ward-Scammell
Tom Ward-Scammell Cloud Proposition Manager