A responsible business Our approach

Being responsible is second nature to us, and we make great efforts to run a progressive, supportive and safe business for our people, for our customers and our communities. 

Our sustainability strategy covers four main areas that are taken into account when making key business decisions:

Our aim is to operate in a way that benefits local communities as well as supporting our strategic business aims. Our significant presence in Hull & East Yorkshire, in terms of both employees and customers, means our business decisions are made with consideration of the potential impact on that community in mind.

Much of the value we deliver to customers is through the expertise and experience of our people. Our sustainability relies on our ability to attract people with the right skills and behaviours and to motivate, develop, support, recognise and reward them appropriately.

Customers and suppliers
Sustainable relationships with customers and suppliers are vital to our success. We have a responsibility to treat them fairly and with the highest ethical standards, and to do business in a way that has a positive effect on them and on society more widely.

We believe all businesses have a responsibility to minimise any negative impact they have on the environment and we make decisions with environmental sustainability in mind.

The Board receives reports on each of these as appropriate. Responsibility for our sustainability strategy sits with our Chief Executive.

Our sustainability strategy is fully integrated and aligned with our business strategy. It is underpinned by three key objectives:

  • To use our expertise in communications technology to create a positive impact on all our stakeholders and the communities in which we operate.
  • To promote our values, both internally and in the way we do business with external stakeholders.
  • To engage and empower our people so they can make a positive contribution to our sustainability strategy and the causes that matter to them. 

Our business and people policies are grounded in these principles:

  • To treat all employees fairly

  • To operate with integrity

  • To respect basic human rights

  • To sustain the environment for future generations

  • To be a caring and responsible member of the communities in which we operate

That means maintaining high standards of ethics and respecting human rights, privacy and data security. It also means ensuring these standards apply to the labour and environmental standards in our supply chain, and investing in and supporting our people.

Whether it’s with our customers, employees or suppliers, we always aim to do the right thing and act within the law.



We’re members of the FTSE4Good - an equity index series designed to encourage investment in companies that meet globally recognised CR standards.

Companies in the FTSE4Good Index Series are assessed annually and have to meet strict environmental, social and governance criteria, and are positioned to take advantage of the benefits of responsible business practice.