A responsible business Our people

Our people matter to us and we do all we can to make sure that we provide a fair place to work, somewhere that cares about their wellbeing and makes them feel proud.

If we get this right, they will flourish, and as a result, our business will too.

So it’s key to our success that we:

  • Attract, develop and retain the best talent

  • Recognise and reward hard work

  • Value the diverse contributions people make

  • Create an environment where people feel trusted, safe, supportive and healthy

  • Share values that reflect what really matters to our people

Though it’s a place of work, it’s also a place where lifelong friendships and fulfilling careers are made.

Health, safety and wellbeing 

It’s key that our people are safe, happy and healthy at work. We go beyond the statutory requirements we’re required to, not just because good health and safety standards have an impact on our business, but because it’s the right thing to do.

We know that by promoting healthy lifestyles and safe working we can help to reduce illness and injury and  by identifying problems early on we can help to put in place effective help and support.

We recognise that effective provision for health and safety is fundamental to the well-being of the business, its employees and members of the public we come into contact with. Our pro-active health and safety culture is an important element of our success. We operate a health & safety management system based on BSOHSAS 18001.

Shared ownership and responsibility for health and safety is crucial. This is led by our Board of directors, through all directors, managers and employees and supported by a team of health and safety professionals.

Support we offer includes information, tools and services to help our people make informed decisions about their own wellbeing.  Advice from specialists, like those available through the Occupational Health Service, ensures we’re providing appropriate guidance.

Our Employee Assistance Service, offers confidential advice lines and face-to-face counselling for our people to access free guidance on personal problems, including legal and financial issues. This service provides additional support for managers dealing with particularly difficult situations, such as the death of a colleague.

We organise annual health and wellbeing screening sessions. These are open to all of our people and provide a free and confidential health assessment measuring such things as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, Body Mass Index and lung capacity. In addition our people have the option to purchase other medical and dental services through our flexible benefits scheme.

Developing talent

Our people embark on a professional and personal journey when they join us. That’s because we are very much aware of our responsibility to ensure that everyone feels valued and is supported to grow.

From day one, everyone has their own development action plan, and we have invested significantly in tools (such as an online e-learning portal) to create an environment of continuous and flexible learning opportunities.

We have mentoring, networking, ‘buddy’ schemes and time set aside with managers to discuss an individual’s progress on their path – all of which contribute to our people developing the skills that they, and our business, will need in the future.

Communication – it’s what we do

We listen to our people and use their views, collected through regular employee surveys. Through our Performance Management programme, we encourage all our people to have regular conversations with their managers to discuss performance at an individual and business level and to encourage personal development, mutual trust and respect. 

Employee reward & recognition

Our  reward initiatives go beyond competitive salaries and benefits. They include bonuses, peer-to-peer recognition schemes that reward achievement and contribution, service awards and the opportunity to own shares in the company. 

Inspiring the next generation

Our people enjoy going outside the business into schools, colleges, universities and charities throughout the UK to engage with young people. We are proud that their positive learning experiences working for the business gives them the confidence and skills to inspire others to access fulfilling careers.

We welcome young people through our doors, providing valuable work experience placements  to help them understand how they can improve the skills they need to increase their employability.