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The telegraph act was passed.

The Telegraph Act was passed, allowing local authorities to set up their own telephone systems to compete with the National Telephone Company (NTC) in rapidly expanding urban areas.

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Hull City Council granted licence to run own telephone network.

Despite strong opposition from the National Telephone Company, Hull Corporation granted a licence to set up a telephone network from the Postmaster General.

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Hull Telephone Department opened its first telephone exchange.

On 28 November the Hull Telephone Department opened its first telephone exchange 7 Wincolmlee, the former site of a public baths. The exchange was equipped with a new, ‘state of the art’ 20 position Ericsson-Bell manual switchboard, capable of handling 1,000 subscribers.

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Hull City Council purchase N.T.C.’s network for £192,423.

Until 1914 uncertainty as to the future of Hull Telephone Department remained following a 1911 decision by the Postmaster General, not to renew NTC's licences. The Post Office took control of NTC's network across the UK, including its Hull network to create a nationwide service.

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Iconic K6 telephone box introduced.

The Post Office commissioned the design of a new kiosk to commemorate the silver jubilee of King George V. The K6 - kiosk number 6)- regarded as an iconic British symbol across the world and designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott,

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Phone Department war effort as Hull devastated by air raids.

The first recorded air raid on the city of Hull took place on 19 June 1940.

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'Call Father Christmas' service was introduced.

Having heard of a recorded message service in Scandinavia, the ‘Call Father Christmas’ service was introduced – this was the first of its kind in the UK. The first story attracted 20,000 callers.

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Celebrating our Golden Jubilee.

Golden Jubilee Kingston Upon Hull Corporate Telephones. To celebrate its Golden Jubilee, Hull Corporation produced Golden Pages, a Yellow Pages® forerunner printed on gold paper and distributed with a classified business section.

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Diamond Jubilee sees opening of new Head Office.

Celebrating our Diamond Jubilee with the official opening of the new Central exchange and Head Office, Telephone House in Carr Lane Hull.

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Hull Telephone Department becomes Kingston Communications (HULL) PLC.

On 17 February 1987, Hull City Council announced plans for a Municipal Company to be formed.

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Conversion to System X, the first all digital network in Europe.

Completed the conversion to a digital infrastructure ' System X - making the Hull network the first all-digital network in Europe.

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Launch Europe’s first commercial “fast internet” service using ADSL technology.

In 1998 KC launched Europe’s first commercial “fast internet” service using ADSL technology.

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Debut on the London Stock Exchange with partial flotation.

In 1999, the Kingston Communications Group made its debut on the Stock Exchange with a partial flotation.

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Celebrating our centenary.

The business celebrated its Centenary in 2004.

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New company name as Hull City Council sell remaining stake.

The shareholders of Kingston Communications (HULL) PLC voted to change the company name to KCOM Group PLC to more accurately reflect the changing shape and geographic reach of the company. Hull City Council sell remaining stake-holding in the business.

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Roll-out of ultrafast broadband begins.

In Hull and East Yorkshire KCOM began deployment of its ultrafast fibre broadband service, KCOM Lightstream.

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