Business insight Our strategy

Our vision is underpinned by four strategic pillars that support our ambition and focus our investment. Those pillars support us in our pursuit of operational excellence, as we seek to achieve a leading position in our selected markets.

Our four main areas of focus to achieve our long-term plans are:

  • Customers

    We understand and anticipate the needs of our customers and align our products, services and solutions to meet those needs, creating a unique brand experience differentiated by the value we deliver.

    Priority for 2017/18
    We will:

    > introduce new propositions for consumers, business and wholesale partners in our Hull and East Yorkshire market;

    >enhance the experience of customers in our Hull and East Yorkshire market by making improvements to
    buying, fault resolution and billing processes;

    > develop and launch a refreshed in-home service experience for customers in our Hull and East Yorkshire market;

    > leverage our track record with key reference clients to win new customers for complex IP-based contact and
    cloud projects; and

    > seek to expand further our relationships with existing customers.

  • People

    We want to provide an environment where we attract, develop, sustain and enable all our people to demonstrate and apply their capabilities, offering opportunities for everyone to reach their full potential.

    Priority for 2017/18
    We will:

    > move away from a recognition culture based on length of service and introduce a modern recognition
    platform that provides more relevant and transparent opportunities for reward and recognition;

    > make the most of the professional communities we have established across the business to improve
    workforce planning, succession planning and talent management processes;

    > develop academies for all our professional communities, providing clear development solutions and pathways that support ownership of development by the individual; and 

    > drive benefit from a broad, company-wide resource pool of skilled talent that allows for focused and
    effective utilisation and prioritisation where it is needed to support growth, develop communities and share knowledge.

  • Partners

    We recognise that our customers’ needs are better met
    if we work seamlessly with carefully selected partners
    to create combined service offerings.

    Priority for 2017/18
    We will:

    >review our long-established partnership with BT to ensure that it remains fit for purpose to meet our future needs;

    > seek partners for the development of over-the-top services for consumers in our Hull and East Yorkshire market;

    > continue to develop and leverage our ecosystem of technology partners to increase our capability in the
    Enterprise market and achieve the most effective outcomes for our customers; and

    > continue to seek new critical partnerships.

  • Processes and systems

    Our customer service excellence is underpinned by robust processes and systems.

    Priority for 2017/18
    We will:


    > add capabilities to consolidate and build resilience into our existing IT systems;

    > continue to develop our API-centric IT architecture;

    > introduce an engineering mobility and scheduling system that will increase the efficiency of our engineering workforce in Hull and East Yorkshire and improve the experience customers receive during new service installations or fault repairs; and

    > deliver system enhancements that improve the experience of customers in our Hull and East Yorkshire market.