Business insight Our strategy


Our value creation is underpinned by four strategic pillars that support our ambition and focus our investment. These are:

  • Customers and Partners

    We understand and anticipate the needs of our customers and align our products, services and solutions to meet those needs, leveraging our ecosystem of market-leading partnerships to create a unique and differentiated brand experience

    Priority for 2018/19

    We will:

    > Continue to develop our range of services that leverage our investment in the fibre network in Hull & East Yorkshire;

    > Launch additional cloud-based services to our regional business customers, including offerings based on our partnerships with Microsoft Azure, Cisco and Google;

    > Develop further our relationships with new and existing cloud partners including AWS, Microsoft and Google; and

    > Review and improve contract management around our customers and partners.

  • Our People

    We want to provide an environment where we attract, retain, develop, and enable all our people to demonstrate, grow and apply their capabilities, offering opportunities for everyone to reach their full potential.

    Priority for 2018/19

    We will

    > Use the insight from our online feedback platform to drive continuous improvement and greater employee engagement across the business;

    > Develop and implement initiatives to achieve greater gender balance across our business to encourage more women to take up leadership positions and to apply for technical and engineering roles; and

    > Continue to develop our delivery community to increase our ability to fulfill complex customer projects, focusing in particular on building our project management capability and our people management skills.

  • Systems and processes

    Our organisation and customer experience is underpinned by robust processed and systems. The ability to understand, manage and interpret the data we hold is key to developing compelling propositions and providing clear and transparent information on segmental performance.

    Priority for 2018/19

    We will:

    > Deliver on the first year of our accelerated investment plan to simplify and upgrade our IT Systems supporting our customer experience and provide greater clarity around the systems dependencies of each of our segments;

    > Continue the implementation to automate our ordering and fulfilment processes in Hull & East Yorkshire, making more information available to help customers;

    > Begin the delivery of our new ticketing and service management capabilities, adding to our engineering mobility and scheduling, and supporting the further development of our Customer Services Operations Centre;

    > Continue to extend the capabilities supporting our sales team, and our large project delivery teams in Enterprise to further improve our end-to-end business processes ; and

    > Make further improvements to the presentation and content of account information for customers in Hull & East Yorkshire.


  • Assets

    Our offerings to customers are underpinned by our technology platforms. We seek to invest in consolidating and transforming them to deliver new services and reduce operating costs and complexity.

    Priority for 2018/19

    We will:

    > Complete the deployment of Fibre to the Premises across our addressable market in Hull & East Yorkshire and offer a voice over fibre integration to eliminate the need for copper cables into customer premises;

    > Continue to transfer resource and skills into the Customer Services Operations Centre, complemented with new systems and processes designed to improve customer service and operational efficiency;

    >Continue the network transformation programme, completing: the next-generation (NG) Transmission, NG Service Creation Platform, NG Value Added Services projects, and migrating much of the voice customer base to NG Voice platform for Hull & East Yorkshire and National Network Services ;

    > Continue to optimise our existing data centre estate, collaborate in building a new data centre with Hull University and commence integration with wider operations ; and

    > Achieve better visibility of network costs by segment.