KCOM delivers communications services to a range of businesses and consumers throughout the UK, offering broadband connectivity to end-users.  KCOM provides communications services for national multi-site enterprise and public sector organisations across the UK. In Hull and East Yorkshire, KCOM provides a range of communications services to businesses and consumers. 

KCOM has been designated as having Significant Market Power (SMP) for the provision of certain electronic communications services within the "Hull area" of East Yorkshire and for the termination of voice calls in the rest of the UK by the industry's regulator, Ofcom. Being designated as having SMP requires the provision and publication of information in addition to that generally required under the General Conditions of Entitlement associated with operating an Electronic Communications Network or being a Communications Services Provider under the Communications Act.

This part of our site is designed to provide interested parties with access to the information on the company and its activities that this regulatory regime requires.

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Please note: Any references to ‘Kingston’ or ‘KCH’ or ‘KCL’ in this section relate to KCOM Group PLC.